Tuya Wifi Smart Accurate Real Time Indoor Air Co2 Smoke Alarm Detector for Ventilatie Corona Safety Carbon Dioxide Sensor

Tuya Wifi Smart Accurate Real Time Indoor Air Co2 Smoke Alarm Detector for Ventilatie Corona Safety Carbon Dioxide Sensor

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Color : WiFi CO2 detector

Product Description

WiFi Smart CO2 Detector



Accuracy:±(50ppm+5%reading value)

Humidity sensor:0-100%RHAccuracy±2%RH(25℃)

Working Temperature:-10℃~+50°℃0~95%RH -10~+65℃accuracy+0.3°℃

Communication protocol:WiFi

Default CO2 alarm level (Unit: ppm) :

1. (CO2< 800) no alarm, display smiling face to remind that the ernvironmental CO2 concentration is low and the living environment is comfortable

2. (800 < CO2 < 1200) no alarm, smiling expression indicates that the ervironmental CO2 concentration is moderate

3. (1200 < CO2 < 1500) no alarm, uncomfortable expression indicates that the ervironment is not good enough

4. (1500 < CO2 < 3500) the alarm sound (drip, drip, drip) sounds three times, indicating that the CO2 concentration is relatively high and it is not suitable for people to live

5. (3500 < CO2 < 5000) the alarm sound (drip, drip, drip, drip, drip) sounds 6 times, indicating that the CO2 concentration is very high. Please pay attention to environmental safety

6. (5000 < CO2) when the concentration reaches 5000, the buzzer keeps alarming,indicating that the CO2 concentration is extremely high and the ervironment is dangerous

The product has built-in sensor that support high precision detection datas

Note:  please make sure to use 5V 1A output power to supply it ,or the device would be burned off

Question:Why these carbon dioxide detector can only detect carbon dioxide concentration above 400ppm?
Answer:Because this co2 meter only suitable for indoor carbon dioxide concentration detection.As we all know co2 is an important part of the air. Main function of the product is to alarm when the carbon dioxide concentration exceeds the standard,such as when indoor people are crowded or room closed for a long time without ventilation. So this indoor carbon dioxide detector with a co2 detection starting concentration of 40
Question:Does it include usb cable?
Answer :Our product package includes 1x CO2 Detector, 1x USB Charging Cable, 1x User Manual.
Question:How often are you supposed to calibrate this?Readings seem irratic
Answer:Calibrate when you think the device reading is inaccurate.We recommend that you calibrate your device when you first receive it.
Question:Does it have a "hold" function? So can you put it into an environment, leave it for a period of time, and it stores or fixes the reading?
Answer : place the detector in an open environment, such as outdoors. In the startup state, press and hold the K1 and K2 buttons at the same time, and the detector will enter the calibration state. After 200s of calibration, the actual detection value will be displayed. At present, the CO2 detector does not have the function of storing data
Question:Does an audible alarm sound if/when co2 levels become dangerous?
Answer:Have alarm sound. When carbon dioxide levels exceed normal,it will have sound to remind you .

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