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WiFi Camera Indoor, Goowls Home Security Pet Dog PTZ 2.4GHz 1080P Wired IP Camera for Baby/Pet/Nanny Monitor Night Vision Motion Detection Two-Way Audio Works with Alexa

Motion Detection & Active Alert

Once the moving object is detected, Goowls security camera will active real-time tracking. Alert notifications will be sent to your phone immediately. Monitor the baby's activity. Keep an eye on your baby, make sure 100% safety.

360° Broad View

Goowls Wifi camera features 355° horizontal and a 110° wide-angle, you can operate any angle via App.With pan, tilt and 4x zoom functions, make sure that capture all the details for your house or office security all day effectively.

Two-Way Audio & Clear Night Vision

Indoor camera built -in noise cancellation technologies on mic and speaker. No matter where you go, you can share joy with your love or via the app. Security camera also provides amazing IR night vision distances up to 32 ft in the dark, which gives you peace of mind and 24-hour protection.

Multi-Family Members Sharing

Home camera supports Multi-users to view simultaneously on App. No matter where you go, you could share your surveillance camera with friends and family for good moments.

Product Dimensions 2.75 x 2.75 x 4.72 inches
Item Weight 11.3 ounces
Date First Available 30-Jan-20
Manufacturer GOOWLS
The product processing time depends on the time frame of the quality check, the packaging and also on the store contingent of the individual product. Please allow us 3-5 business days to process your order.
1. Since the products on the website may be distributed in different warehouses, there will be multiple shipping methods.
2. GOSUND is not responsible for the packages that may be lost or stolen after delivery.
3. Due to COVID-19, there is a temporary delay, please be patient with us this time. Our team will appreciate your support and understanding in these special terms.

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Gosund Smart Power Strip

1) Q: How do I set the smart power strip up?

A: The video of "how to connect to the Gosund app" and "how to pair with Alexa" has been uploaded to Youtube. Please follow Gosund Smart Home for more details.

2) Q: What should I do if I have any problems with the smart plug?

A: Please send email, we will do our best to help you solve the problem.

3) Q: Can I connect it with 5G WIFI?

A: Please note it can only connect to 2.4G WIFI.

Gosund Smart Plug

1)User Manual (PDF)

2)Installation Manual (PDF)

3)User Guide (PDF)

Gosund Smart Light Bulbs

1)Q:Why my bulbs are blinking?

A: The bulb starts blinking indicating that it is in pairing mode and ready for installation. Turn on/off via manual switch may result in a flash. Once connected to the wifi, forget the manual switch, and control the light by App and Voice.

2)Q:Why my smart bulbs buzzing?

A: Smart bulbs need full voltage to be supplied to them. Buzzing is often caused by the less voltage, for example -Using dimmers to change the brightness -Turn on the larger appliance(microwaves) -Home voltage changes.

Additionally, LED bulbs are known to generate a little“buzz”, but the noise level should not be noticeable from a distance of over 3 feet by FCC regulations.

Gosund Led Lights

1)Q:Are these compatible with 5Ghz Wifi?

A: Gosund TV backlight only supports 2.4Ghz Wifi.

2)Q:Does this work with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant?

A: Yes, you can use any Echo/Alexa/Google Home Devices to control it.

3)Q:Can I connect the APP through Bluetooth?

A:  No, the Gosund app does not support Bluetooth for now.

4)Q:How do I place the led strips? Do they come with a self-adhesive strip within the back layer of the led strip?

A: Yes they have self-adhesive strip on the back but please wipe the object before pasting, keep it clean and waterless.

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