Smart Table Lamp - LB3

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Smart Table Lamp, Gosund Dimmable RGB Touch Bedside Lamps Works with Alexa Google Home for Bedrooms Living Room, Warm White and Color Changing LED Nightstand Lamp Night Lights, Schedule and Timer.

    Voice Control
    Smart Bedside Lamp is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home. 

    Smart APP Control
    Download the Gosund App control the desk lamp anywhere anytime with your phone. You could set a schedule through Gosund App, turn on/off the desk lights automatically at your preset time.

    User friendly 360° Touch Panel
    Activate the Desk Light by tapping twice on the top/side of the bedside lamp within less than 1 second. And then touch the round icon at the bottom to select between white and RGB light. You can gently slide the icon bar to adjust brightness or switch colors. 

    Dimmable LED Ambient Light
    Easily and precisely adjust brightness from 1% to 100%. Choose the suitable brightness of the light for special moments, such as a warm and comfortable surrounding for working, a quiet ambiance backlight for yoga, a romantic atmosphere for dinner.

    Vibrant & Colorful RGBW Lamp
    The RGBW LED Table Lamp displays a wider range of colors and delivers a better color saturation. Create your own scene modes from 16 million colors to suit your mood. It’s perfect as an energetic party light, warm relaxing lamp, amber nightstand light, baby nursery lamp and other playful and colorful mood lighting.

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    Gosund Smart Power Strip

    1) Q: How do I set the smart power strip up?

    A: The video of "how to connect to the Gosund app" and "how to pair with Alexa" has been uploaded to Youtube. Please follow Gosund Smart Home for more details.

    2) Q: What should I do if I have any problems with the smart plug?

    A: Please send email, we will do our best to help you solve the problem.

    3) Q: Can I connect it with 5G WIFI?

    A: Please note it can only connect to 2.4G WIFI.

    Gosund Smart Plug

    1)User Manual (PDF)

    2)Installation Manual (PDF)

    3)User Guide (PDF)

    Gosund Smart Light Bulbs

    1)Q:Why my bulbs are blinking?

    A: The bulb starts blinking indicating that it is in pairing mode and ready for installation. Turn on/off via manual switch may result in a flash. Once connected to the wifi, forget the manual switch, and control the light by App and Voice.

    2)Q:Why my smart bulbs buzzing?

    A: Smart bulbs need full voltage to be supplied to them. Buzzing is often caused by the less voltage, for example -Using dimmers to change the brightness -Turn on the larger appliance(microwaves) -Home voltage changes.

    Additionally, LED bulbs are known to generate a little“buzz”, but the noise level should not be noticeable from a distance of over 3 feet by FCC regulations.

    Gosund Led Lights

    1)Q:Are these compatible with 5Ghz Wifi?

    A: Gosund TV backlight only supports 2.4Ghz Wifi.

    2)Q:Does this work with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant?

    A: Yes, you can use any Echo/Alexa/Google Home Devices to control it.

    3)Q:Can I connect the APP through Bluetooth?

    A:  No, the Gosund app does not support Bluetooth for now.

    4)Q:How do I place the led strips? Do they come with a self-adhesive strip within the back layer of the led strip?

    A: Yes they have self-adhesive strip on the back but please wipe the object before pasting, keep it clean and waterless.

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