Smart Switch

What are the best smart light switches?

Jack Aug 11, 2021

First, What is a smart switch

The smart switch is a unit that uses the combination and programming of the control board and electronic components to realize the smart switch control of the circuit. Compared with the traditional mechanical wall switch, it has many features, safe use, and beautiful style. The functional innovation also gives the switch decoration and embellishment effect.

Second, the principle of smart switch

The principle of the smart switch is actually not as difficult as imagined. The difficult part is the technical realization. Smart switches are currently generally controlled by mobile phone APP. The instructions are sent to the cloud connected to the switch through the mobile phone, and then data is sent from the cloud to the device, so the range of the smart switch can be controlled is far, in theory, as long as your device can connect to the Internet and connect to wifi You can control the switch far away at home.


Three, the main function of the smart switch

1. Mutual control: All lights in the room can be directly controlled by a switch.
2. Various controls: local manual, infrared remote control, remote control
3. Local lock: all switches can be prohibited from operating the lights in this room
4. Full-off function: one button can close all the lights in the room or close the lights in any room.
5. Power-off protection: All lights will be closed when a call comes in, and there will be voice prompts.
6. Status indication: The status indicator light on the switch can be closed separately, and any key can be pressed to restore it, without affecting the operation of other switches.
7. Automatic luminous: when the smart switch leaves the factory, the humane automatic luminous is turned on
8. Installation convenience: the installation size and wiring method are the same as ordinary switches, and two signal wires are required to connect the switches in parallel.
9. Affordable price: The number of switches required to install this switch is much lower than that of ordinary switches, and they can be mutually controlled without the need for ordinary dual-control installation methods, so a lot of ordinary switches and wires can be saved.
10. Convenient maintenance: the failure of a certain switch will not affect the use of other switches. The user can directly replace the smart switch with a new one and install it. During the maintenance period, it can be directly replaced by an ordinary switch, which will not affect the normal lighting.
11. Good safety: The switch panel is a weak current control system, no sparks are generated when the lamp is turned on/closed, and the safety factor is high when used by the elderly and children.


Fourth, how to choose a smart switch
Brand: The current smart switch brands are basically new brands. After all, smart homes have not had a few years of effort, and have not been able to precipitate an outstanding leading brand. Therefore, the brand values ​​technology rather than reputation.

Price: As long as you choose the ideal range you can accept, the price of smart switches is not very expensive since the development of smart homes.

Appearance: At present, there are mainly three types: traditional switch type, touch type, and LCD touch type. How to choose depends on your needs and preferences.

To purchase smart products, you must choose a manufacturer with a good reputation, so that the after-sales service can be guaranteed to the greatest extent, so that it can be practical and worry-free in the true sense. The switch produced by gosund smart home is independently developed and produced, and the product quality is really good and the price is cheap. The gosund smart switch has the following advantages:

About Gosund Smart Switch:
【EASY INSTALL】:(Not a dimmer) NEUTRAL WIRE REQUIRED. Only 2.4GHz (not 5G)Wi-Fi connection. For connecting with regular light switches, 3-way switch must be installed with LIVE wire (in front of the regular switch).WiFi switch user Alexa switch user manual guides you through easy step-by-step installation. Support IOS8.0 and Android 4.4 above.

【3-WAY AND SINGLE-POLE APPLICATION】: The smart 3 way switch can be installed for 3-way or single pole use to control the light from 1 or 2 locations. Replace one of your traditional 3 way switch with our 3 way smart switch or use directly 3-way switches to control the light from 2 locations.

【REMOTE AND VOICE CONTROL】: Make your light bulbs smart, control your light from ANYWHERE with your mobile phone free App. Smart Light Switch works with Amazon Alexa and Google home. You can voice control your light to free your hands, just say the commands and enjoy the great convenience of voice control.

【TIME SCHEDULE】:WiFi Light Switch with Timer removes your worry about forgetting to turn off your devices. Set schedules or countdown to automate your home lighting based on your daily routines or set a scene to make your light bulb flicker to alarm potential intruders for home security when you are on vacation

【FUNCTIONAL DESIGN AND TECHNIFUNCTIONAL SUPPORT】: The smart switch design is sleek and functional. Its wall plate is made of PC V0 class flame retardant material that protects against electricity overload and prolongs service life.CAL SUPPORT: The smart switch design is sleek and functional. Its wall plate is made of PC V0 class flame retardant material that protects against electricity overload and prolongs service life.