Smart Switch

Does a smart switch necessarily need a neutral wire?

Jack Jan 14, 2022

The single live wire smart switch is not required, and the zero live wire smart switch must be required.

The intelligent switch refers to the unit that uses the combination and programming of the control board and electronic components to realize the intelligent switch control of the circuit. Switch control, also known as BANG-BANG control, is used in the control of many household appliances and lighting fixtures because of its simplicity and ease of implementation. However, the conventional switch control is difficult to meet the requirements of further improving the control precision and saving energy.

The conventional switch control method has only two states in the control cycle, either on, which is a fixed constant value, or off, and the control variable is zero. Such a fixed control mode lacks the characteristics of manual switch control. , In the process of manual switch control, people should choose different switch control strategies according to the error and the change trend of the error.

For example, in a control period T, the time for the output of the control quantity can be adjusted as required. This kind of switch control that selects different control strategies according to a certain mode is called intelligent switch control based on human knowledge and experience, according to the actual error variation law and the inertia, pure lag and disturbance of the controlled object (or process). .

Compared with the mechanical wall switch, it has many features, is safe to use, and has a beautiful appearance. It breaks the single function of on and off of the traditional wall switch, in addition to the innovation in function, it also gives the switch the effect of decorative embellishment.

Smart switches are widely used in smart home renovation, office smart renovation, industrial smart renovation, agriculture, forestry, fishery, animal husbandry and other fields, which greatly saves energy, improves generation efficiency and reduces operating costs. To achieve intelligent travel the world.

With the popularity of smart mobile terminals, the connotation of smart switches is also developing, and it has gradually become the preferred application for mobile phone control. On the basis of retaining remote control switches, energy consumption monitoring in smart homes has also been expanded.

The node strategy in the background of the cloud service is recommended to push a variety of composite scenarios value-added service models, and the smart switch is also going through the comprehensive energy deployment stage from a single individual, retail investors to intensive linkage of households.