How to use WiFi smart plug,Introduction to how to use Gosund WiFi smart plug
08.10.2021 | Jack | Smart plug

The WiFi smart plug is a very popular plug in our family. It has a very big improvement over the general traditional plug and can meet our needs in more aspects. So today I will introduce Gosund WiFi to everyone. I hope you can refer to and understand some of the use methods and functions of smart plugs.

How to use WiFi smart plug—What is Gosund WiFi smart plug

The Gosund WiFi smart plug is a product with a good idea. It uses the existing WiFi network in the home to allow your smart phone or tablet computer to turn on or turn off the specified electrical appliances through the App operation under the condition of the Internet. And because the smart plug can completely power off the electrical appliances, for the televisions and electric water heaters with higher power, the smart plugs can be used to turn on at any time, which can save a lot of money every month. Electricity bill.

How to use WiFi smart plug—The use and function of Gosund WiFi smart plug

1. The Gosund WiFi smart plug breaks through the consistent image of the complex system of smart homes. With a smart phone and independent APP, you can remotely control your home appliances from anywhere in the world.

2. Gosund WiFi smart plug has no complicated installation process, plug and play. The plug supports Android/ios mainstream operating systems, downloading applications, you can achieve free local and remote control.

3. The Gosund WiFi smart plug supports real-time status feedback, which can feedback the working status of electrical appliances to the client in real time, and supports the setting of multiple timing tasks. The mobile client can control multiple smart plugs.


The above are some of the use methods and functions of the Gosund WiFi smart plug introduced by the editor. It can be seen that the Gosund WiFi smart plug is indeed a very smart and easy-to-use plug type. If you want to buy a plug in the future, choose A wifi smart plug is a good choice.