3 Reasons Why You Need Smart Light Bulbs in Your Home

gosund Sep 18, 2021

We’ve come a long way from lighting 13 candles just to survive in a warm lit room. Innovation has practically made everything we use smarter. Cars, cellphones, even toilets know when to flush. Smart Bulbs are also no exception to this revolution.

Smart light bulbs are Wi-Fi-powered LED light bulbs that are incredibly versatile with their functions. They’re the latest advancement in lighting technology designed for energy efficiency, convenience, and security–all through automation.


After this 3-minute read on smart bulbs and their benefits, you’ll be wondering why you didn’t purchase them sooner. Because once you go smart, you can never go back. Here’s why:   

Smart Bulbs Save Money & Energy

Sure, the upfront costs of investing in smart LED light bulbs may be higher than sticking to traditional bulbs, but, you will save big money long-term–that’s what really matters.


Since smart bulbs are LED, they use less energy (environment-friendly and cost-efficient for electricity bills) and last longer (fewer trips to the store, fewer replacement purchases).


There are some intangible savings, too. Since a smart bulb can be scheduled to turn on and off, you don’t have to worry about forgetting to turn them off and overusing electricity.

You Can Control them From Anywhere

Who doesn’t love remote control? You ever come home from a long day, freshen up, and crash on the bed? You close your eyes, only then does it hit you: you forgot to turn off the lights. That agonizing realization is the worst. We get it.


It doesn’t hurt to have complete control of your house lights while you’re away to ensure security and energy and cost savings.

Configure Lighting With a Mobile App

With a smart light bulb that usually comes with a programmable app (for example, ours is the Gosund app), the on and off switch is at your fingertips on your smartphone. As long as you have Wi-Fi, no need to get up for the light switch.


Or, maybe you left the house, and while at work, you can’t remember if you left the lights on in your bedroom. No one wants that unsettling feeling to linger the whole day. So, pull out the app, and double-check. Of course, it doesn’t have to get to that point, since again, you can schedule on/off times to bypass the forgetting problem altogether.

Take Advantage of Voice Commands

Don’t have your phone near you or have your hands full? The best smart LED bulbs are compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri Shortcuts for intuitive voice control, too.


“Alexa, turn on dining room lights”–as you cut onions in the kitchen.


“Hey Google, dim the living room lights”–as you start your Saturday evening movie. 

Smart Bulbs Can Change Colors and Mood

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, lighting can affect the mood and atmosphere in a room. Having one smart bulb that can switch between vibrant colors for various moods is incredibly convenient.


Feeling romantic and sexy? Set your bulb color temperature range to a warmer red and have at it. In the mood for a party? There are lighting modes on the GoSund app that can sync to your music and change colors to every beat. Talk about a homemade rave.


Traditionally, we wouldn’t bother changing our bright-white light bulbs for different occasions and if we did, we’d have to purchase specific colored bulbs ($$$). But now, we can enjoy a more pleasant living experience and save money on extra lights!


You can purchase some Smart Light Bulbs with Multicolor, Warm Cool Light, and Daylight settings today at GoSund.


Parting Words

If you have a Wi-Fi network, a smartphone, and a lamp, we wholeheartedly believe you can’t go wrong with a smart bulb. Seriously, why not? Smart lighting technology is making our lives significantly easier with cost savings, more environmental friendliness, and better home experiences.


Get your smart bulb today at GoSund, an industry-leading brand in home electronics.